CanMar, Canadian Cannabis Exchange (CCX) & Loud Lion Announce Strategic Partnership

Written By Canadian Cannabis Exchange

March 6, 2024

[Vancouver, March 5th, 2024]CanMar, a leader in community, recruitment, and education in the global health, wellness and plant-based medicine landscape, is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Canadian Cannabis Exchange (CCX) and Loud Lion Supply (LLS). This collaboration aims to enhance business opportunities, foster growth, and create synergies within the global cannabis industry.

Under this collaboration, CCX will serve as CanMar’s exclusive B2B Cannabis Brokerage Strategic Partner on The Hub, CanMar’s community platform tailored to experts and trusted voices in the global health and wellness space who enjoy sharing knowledge and improving wellbeing in the areas of plant medicine, cannabis, psychedelics and daily wellness practices. Loud Lion Supply will be featured prominently within the Marketplace on The Hub.

“We are thrilled to join forces with CCX and Loud Lion Supply,” said CanMar Founder, KD Khairah. “This partnership represents a powerful synergy of expertise, resources, and opportunities, enabling us to provide unparalleled value to our platform users, clients and stakeholders.”

As part of the collaboration, CanMar will leverage CCX’s extensive network and expertise in the cannabis brokerage space to enhance its offerings and expand its reach within the industry. Meanwhile, Loud Lion Supply’s presence within Marketplace on The Hub will provide users with access to a diverse range of equipment and packaging from trusted manufacturers, further enriching the platform’s value proposition.

“As the industry’s trusted wholesale trading platform, our mission is to revolutionize the cannabis distribution segment by providing a transparent and seamless platform for licensed producers across Canada and international markets. CCX’s partnership with The Hub by CanMar aligns with our commitment to innovation and community building within the industry. In addition, we are excited to have Loud Lion Supply (LLS) on the Marketplace Hub. By signing up on the LLS website, the CanMar community can now receive exclusive member-only pricing on new and lightly used equipment,” said Steve Clark, CEO of the Canadian Cannabis Exchange and Loud Lion Supply.

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About CanMar: CanMar is a global leader in the health and wellness space, with a focus on plant-based medicine. Founded in 2017, CanMar offers comprehensive services in recruitment, education, licensing, and advertising for the cannabis, hemp, psychedelics, and health and wellness industry. The Hub by CanMar, a revolutionary platform for experts and trusted voices in the global health and wellness space who enjoy sharing knowledge and improving well-being in the areas of plant medicine, cannabis, psychedelics and daily wellness practices. With The Hub, you can access the latest industry news, insights, and trends, as well as network, learn, and shop from the best brands and products. Whether you are a business, a professional, or a consumer, CanMar is your one-stop solution. Join CanMar today and discover your wellness universe! CanMar – Connecting People, the Planet and Plants.

About Canadian Cannabis Exchange (CCX): The Canadian Cannabis Exchange (CCX) is Canada’s Trusted B2B Wholesale Cannabis Platform. With over 100,000 kg in transacted volume, CCX facilitates thousands of trades every month to help licensed producers fill SKUs and gain capital on their cannabis productions. CCX’s live voice-brokers are dedicated to offering personalized services to go above and beyond the needs of every LP. CCX gives LPs the opportunity to move their products at fair market pricing under standard contracts, expand to international markets, and access new distribution channels.

About Loud Lion Supply: Loud Lion Supply (LLS) is a global, free to list e-commerce platform for cannabis professionals, businesses, and consumers. LLS partners with trusted brands to offer great member-only pricing on new and lightly used equipment and packaging. Our dynamic platform allows you to buy or bid on used equipment to save capital on your cannabis operations. With millions in in sales, LLS connects you with thousands of buyers and sellers and provides you with personalized support in purchasing and shipping.

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