Make Your Product Listing Standout

Written By Canadian Cannabis Exchange

August 27, 2021


The Canadian Cannabis Exchange offers licensed producers, processors, and retailers a liquid and transparent marketplace in which they can buy products to fulfill SKU’s or those looking to sell their products. Sellers can list their flower and trim products on the exchange and provide information such as the size of the batch, potency levels, testing results, and desired price. The more detail that a seller provides in their listing the better idea the buyer will have about whether or not the product fits their needs. If you are a seller who wants their flower or trim to stand out on the CCX platform here is how you can make the most of your listing:

1. Photos

Show off your product by adding high quality images that clearly show bud size, bud density, and trim quality. This helps the buyer understand the quality of your grow and what their consumers will be seeing when they view your listed product.

This is a great example because it is high quality photo that clearly shows the bud size and density

This is a poor example because it there is not enough light and the product is not the focus of the photo

2. Grown Method

Let buyers know how the product was grown by stating whether it was grown indoors, in a greenhouse or in a hybrid greenhouse. By including the growth method in your listing buyers will know the quality of care and bud density they can expect.

3. Trim Method

The way in which your product was trimmed can help determine the price range, the fit with craft designation SKU’s, and how the trichome heads were preserved in the growing process. By including the trim method, the buyer will know if the product is jar or pre-roll destined and will help entice buyers looking for a specific method.

4. Cure Method

Adding the cure method to your listing can help buyers determine if the product fits with a craft designation and what the moisture levels should be beyond the COA.

5. Harvest Date

Be sure to show the harvest date to help buyers plan lead times to launch to provinces and decide if retests are required for microbial growth or potency degradation.

6. Bud Size & Distribution

Showing the bud size and distribution helps buyers understand how much of the product should be packaged for jar flower and how much should go towards pre-rolls. It helps to determine pricing if a batch has been divided into large buds and small buds.

7. Upcoming Harvests

Including any upcoming harvests helps buyers plan as they want to guarantee specific cannabis strain/quality to their consumer base. It also helps buyers understand if a SKU would be a one-time sale with high setup costs or if a reoccurring SKU would be possible.

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