Genetics, Brands & SKUs Sale Exclusively Through Canadian Cannabis Exchange.


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  • The selection of 13 cannabis strains were developed through a rigorous five-year pheno-hunting process, providing genetic consistency and availability.
  • OGEN’s diverse genetics portfolio is supported by a collection of historical potency results, rooted clones, and seeds.

Brand Information

  • The sale consists of OGEN’s fully trademarked brands, intellectual property assets, and social media accounts totalling approximately 13,000 followers.
  • Included in the brand sale are all OGEN marketing plans, campaigns, and assets across product offering, genetic strain, and province.

Stock Keeping Units (SKUs)

  • The package is made up of 75 SKUs spanning across 7 provinces demonstrating a diverse product line established in markets across Canada.
  • Product lines encompass multiple formats including Pre-Rolls, Dried Flower, and Milled Flower, each consisting of a range of packaging configurations

The competitive bidding process closes on February 2, 2024. To gain access to an exclusive data room with all relevant information regarding the sales package, please enter your information below.