Why More Cannabis Brands Should Start Using Domestically Manufactured Packaging

Written By Canadian Cannabis Exchange

June 18, 2022

Cannabis consumers are calling for environmentally friendly and sustainable cannabis packaging options. Due to Health Canada labeling and packaging requirements, the cannabis industry has significantly contributed to manufacturing and consumption. The cannabis sector produced 5.8 to 6.4 million kilograms of plastic from 2018-2019, and it is estimated that a 3.5 gram packaged cannabis flower produces, on average, 78 grams of plastic.

A part of the overuse of plastics in cannabis packaging is a result of strict packaging guidelines outlined by Health Canada. Cannabis packaging must have child-proofing features, special labeling, and durable materials. These requirements make it difficult for brands to find fully sustainable options. It would be then up to the consumer to separate the recyclable parts from the non-recyclable ones for disposal, but oftentimes the consumer is not aware of this. 

Cannabis brands are finding ways to become more environmentally friendly by using 100% recycled materials or encouraging the reuse of packaging after the cannabis is consumed. Companies can also reduce their carbon footprint by sourcing their packaging domestically. When buying from companies overseas, there is a large amount of energy used during transportation and companies cannot be certain regarding the sustainable practices of manufacturers. Historically companies benefited from overseas manufacturers due to low product costs, but this has not been the case with recent supply chain issues causing unexpected freight costs and increased production and shipping timelines. By switching from foreign to local manufacturers, companies can reduce their carbon footprint, and have peace of mind knowing their packaging order will not be held up due to supply chain shortages. 

The Canadian Cannabis Exchange platform has sustainable cannabis packaging solutions available. Please reach out to info@canadiancannabisx.com to find out more about sustainable options.

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