Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find the questions we receive the most about our platform

How much does it cost to use the CCX platform?

There are no sign-up fees, no listing fees, and no hidden costs for licensed Canadian participants to use the CCX platform.

The exchange only charges a commission-based success fee once a deal has been executed. There is a small monthly fee for non licensed view only users to access the screen, data services and our month end report.

Am I bound to CCX if I become a member?

No, our clients are not bound by exclusivity. We understand that our clients will explore every marketing and sales channel they can for their production. We ask that clients remove their listing from CCX platform as soon as it is sold or pending sale elsewhere.

Does CCX have a claim to future deals with someone I met through the exchange?

No, CCX only asks that an existing deal that originated through the exchange be completed. The exchange is not involved in the companies’ dealings outside of our service.

We aim to provide a value-added service that keeps both parties returning for the standardized buy/sell contract, price transparency, ease of negotiation, connectivity to low escrow rates and connection to multiple shipping partners.

How is the Canadian Cannabis Exchange different from other exchanges out there?
  • Complete Integration – CCX handles deal origination, trade execution, payment processing, logistics – all in one place. An existing transportation and storage network from coast to coast creates the ability to deliver to all ten provinces and three territories in Canada at discounted rates. We assist in negotiations and focus on the end-to-end experience for our clients.
  • Range of Services – CCX works with over 250 licensed Canadian Cannabis participants from micros to large cap corporations. Our platform offers a wide range of products for sale and also services such a white labelling, contract growing, proprietary strains, facilities for sale and other beneficial services to our members.
  • Real Time Trading – All prices, trades and bids are executed on a live screen, whereas alternative options on the market hold auction-style sales or simply draw dealers to meet and communicate 1:1 about an agreement. CCX’s real time markets allow increased price transparency, and they more accurately represent the entire market.
Does CCX work with international deals and clients?

Yes, while the exchange is domestically focused, the market of internationally engaged Canadian producers is growing and the exchange can help with EU-GMP and GACP deals across all product types.

How do I post a product listing?

The top right bar of the CCX platform has a drop-down menu. Click on “submit new products” and this will bring up a box with a name and category. There you can input the name of your product and the category corresponding to the product type.

What should I include in my listing?

When listing products on the platform it is mandatory to include a Health Canada lab approved certificate of analysis (COA). We also ask for harvest date, moisture, terpene profile and photos of your product to help your listing be noticed.

How can I make bids on the platform?

Bids can be made through our full time voice brokers or through our live online platform.

Have a question we did not answer above?

Please reach out and we’d be happy to help.

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