The Standard Bud Sizing Ruler

The Standard Bud Sizing Ruler is the Canadian Cannabis Exchanges latest innovation to bring standardization and transparency to the cannabis industry. The ruler is designed to provide a consistent and reliable method for assessing the size of buds within a lot of dried flower. This tool eliminates discrepancies in bud sizes, providing buyers with a reference point for evaluating product and determining the most appropriate SKU to use the product for. The standardization in measurement practices benefits the entire cannabis supply chain, from cultivators to end consumers.

The Standard Bud Sizing Ruler is Available for Free to All Licensed Producers on Loud Lion Supply

CCX’s Standard Bud Sizing Ruler was designed to help grade a representative sample of your entire lot of wholesale cannabis.

For further clarification on how to properly use your Standard Bud Sizing Ruler download the link below.

How To Determine the Size of Your Buds

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