Innovation in the Cannabis Industry

Written By Canadian Cannabis Exchange

August 1, 2023

Since its formation, The Canadian Cannabis Exchange (CCX) has consistently positioned itself at the forefront of innovation within the rapidly evolving cannabis industry. In 2019, drawing inspiration from screens used in oil and gas trading, CCX developed a cutting-edge wholesale cannabis live trading platform with the goal of bringing transparency and standardization to the industry. This has established CCX as a leading force in the B2B cannabis market, garnering a vast network of licensed producers across Canada. CCX has seamlessly facilitated thousands of wholesale cannabis transactions, solidifying its role as a crucial component in the supply chains of many Licensed Producers (LPs) and revolutionizing the way they conduct business.

Due to their success in Canada, CCX has ventured beyond national borders with the recent launch of the Global Cannabis Exchange (GCX). Recognizing the potential of newly legalized cannabis markets in countries, GCX seeks to facilitate international trade and contribute to the growth of the global cannabis industry. The GCX platform offers a gateway for Canadian and International LPs to explore and participate in emerging markets, forging valuable connections and expanding their reach on a global scale.

In early 2023, CCX moved its equipment and packaging listings onto Loud Lion Supply, an e-commerce website specifically tailored for buying and selling new and lightly used cannabis equipment and packaging. Loud Lion Supply partnered with trusted brands such as Boveda, STM, and CannaGreen Packaging to give LPs a wide range of quality products they can trust.

Today we are announcing that CCX has integrated with Evora Technologies (Evora), an industry-leading seed-to-sale and cannabis quality management system. This collaboration empowers clients to list their B2B products on the CCX platform directly from Evora, all with the simple click of a button. This innovative function provides LPs ease of access to the domestic and global marketplace.

“We are pleased to announce a groundbreaking integration that empowers our clients to effortlessly link the seed-to-sale process with our exchange, paving the way for direct product sales on both our domestic and global platforms,” said Steve Clark, CEO of the Canadian Cannabis Exchange. “This transformative collaboration marks a major leap forward for the cannabis industry, recognizing the growing importance of wholesale transactions within producers’ supply chains.”

As the cannabis industry undergoes further transformation and expansion, CCX remains steadfast in its role as an innovator, constantly exploring possibilities for future advancements and collaborations. With an eye on both the domestic and international markets, CCX stands ready to drive progress and enable new business opportunities for LPs and stakeholders within the global cannabis community.


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