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Canadian Cannabis Exchange (CCX) is a privately held cannabis exchange developed to facilitate transactions in a transparent marketplace. With the ability to process trades and deliver products across Canada, we are the #1 solution for buyers and sellers to ensure they are on top of the market. Using a customized commodity trading platform, we provide live market data and liquidity, payment and transaction services, and secure product shipment for CCX members.

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What we provide to facilitate liquidations

Access to a Network of Over 600 Canadian Licensed Cannabis Producers

Transparent Bulk Wholesale Cannabis Trading Platform

Extensive Cannabis
Industry Expertise

Online Marketplace for New and Used Cannabis Equipment and Packaging

Access to Market Data
for Asset Valuation

Brand Positioning, Marketing,
and Outreach

Continuous Voice
Broker Support

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Bulk Finished Goods Inventory

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Brand and Intellectual Property Assets

Genetic Material

Health Canada Cultivation and Processing Licenses

Licensed Cannabis Production Facilities

New and Used Cannabis Equipment

Other Cannabis Related Assets

Our Partners

Mixed Sweet Media is a full service marketing agency specializing in cannabis marketing providing web development, brand strategy, product research, compliant cannabis labels,  and more.

Loud Lion Supply (LLS) makes selling and buying new and used cannabis equipment and packaging easy. We connect you with thousands of buyers and sellers across Canada, the US, and Mexico to provide preferred pricing on sustainable packaging, nutrient, processing equipment, and more.

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